"The STEM subjects are drivers in innovation. But creativity and ingenuity go hand in hand. Design can invent products and solutions, moving us forward. Artists ask the deep questions about humanity, helping to reveal which way “forward” actually is. Art and science are both dedicated to finding truth and beauty, and are thus better together than apart." (Source: edutopia)

Creative solutions are often discovered by those with art and design backgrounds. Engaging students’ strengths using art activities increases motivation, and a way of offering more diverse learning opportunities and greater STEM success for all types of learners. Art provides opportunities to engage in the real world and integrate communication and the design process into technologies and solutions for real-world problems.

Just as a starting point.....Think about 3D art, or the shape and design of a robot or a bridge, or merging the science of human posture and movement with technology and art to produce furniture, clothing, or shoes.

You may create something solely artistic, that is all about art and design in itself. 

Each student should create an original work of art using the medium of his/her choice. Please submit only one piece of art per student.  Each participant is responsible to provide their own materials. Add a notecard with your submission which includes:

  • Your name

  • Grade and teacher

  • Medium ( i.e., paint on canvas, popsicle sticks and glue, clay, and so on)

  • Title or brief description of the piece

Questions or need more information? 

Contact Molly Ducker or Jennifer Zagacki at


How does Art fit into STEAM?
What does this mean for my project?


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