The Scientific Method is the process of collecting data through observation and experimentation, then formulating and testing a hypothesis (an educated guess). This method involves 6 steps:

  • What is your problem, purpose, or research question? This is the most important part of the scientific method. What do you want to know or find out?

  • Form your hypothesis. What is your educated guess as to the outcome of your research question? State what you think will happen. 

  • List your materials. Include all supplies and ingredients used during your research. 

  • Describe the procedure. Write down step-by-step instructions on what you did to do your research. 

  • Log your observations, data, and results. Explain what you found out. You can use graphs, photos, and drawings to help explain. 

  • Summarize your conclusion. Write down what you learned. Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not?

Fill up your science board, using the Scientific Method to represent your findings. Be creative and have fun with it! Use graphs, photos, diagrams, draw pictures, and so on. Represent your research by bringing in some samples or examples to display. 

Don't forget to add your name, grade, and teacher's name. 

If you need some help or inspiration, there are plenty of examples on the Internet. Just do a quick search in your browser for science fair projects

The Scientific Method
Your Science Board

Helpful Checklist

As your project takes shape, use these helpful tips to stay on track:

  • Demonstrate how you have researched your project.

  • Clearly state your question and hypothesis.

  • Describe the steps of your experiments.

  • Explain your results and define what you are displaying. 

  • Include a conclusion.

  • Keep your project board easy to read, and your content clear. 


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